About Us

About Us

We are a Latina owned faith based business encouraging YOU to embrace feeling delicate.

The Bible teaches us that we don't have to be strong enough, because God already is.

Our collections are designed to inspire, encourage, and uplift.

Our hope is that when our customers are asked where they bought their favorite piece, they can point to our shop, designed to share our hope in Jesus.

Watch and read our founder's story below!


The Founder and Owner

My name is Carla Yorro, a nurse, Christian, choco lab mom, and wife to a husband battling multiple chronic illnesses.

In 2021, my husband Daniel went into multi organ failure as a result of COVID 19. Working on the front lines as nurse during the pandemic, our lives have been flipped upside down.

That is why I founded Delicate, a brand designed to encourage others going through tough times to share their faith in Christ.

Why the name Delicate?

During much of my struggles, I felt delicate, fragile, like I would break.
So often I felt that to be a sign of weakness. Now, I recognize it is a sign of my need for God. I don't have to be strong enough, I already have someone I can
go to as my source of strength.

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